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With new car dealers facing unprecedented uncertainty and challenges from auto manufacturers, industry disrupters, and government, the ADAA Board of Directors has set a $250,000 fundraising goal for its new ADAA Dealer Defense Fund to be financially prepared to fight future battles.

During the dark days of “tort hell” in Alabama, the ADAA Legal Defense Fund spent hundreds of thousands of dollars successfully fighting a broad array of lawsuits. That Fund, however, was limited to defending litigation.

Recognizing that future tests will be fought in the Capitol, regulatory agencies, the legal system, and the court of public opinion, the Board has transformed the Legal Defense Fund into the new Dealer Defense Fund to offer more financial flexibility when employing resources to overcome the obstacles.

The new Fund’s Policies and Procedures clearly state:

  • “all monies in the Fund shall be used to advocate for the preservation for the rights and continued success of dealers in the legislative, administrative, regulatory, and judicial arenas on significant issues which impact the entire Alabama dealer body…”

  • the Fund is not to be used to cover routine ADAA operating expenses and that in fact ADAA will pay all of the administrative costs of the Fund so that 100% of all contributions will be used to advocate for dealers.

  • the Fund’s work will complement the mission of AUTO-PAC and not replace it—money in the Fund may not be used for political contributions.

We believe that all dealers concerned about their futures should seriously consider contributing to our new Fund.  Our businesses are too important to our customers, communities, employees, and families to not fight back. We have each contributed $10,000 at the Platinum level, and we hope all dealers will consider a generous contribution so we can quickly hit our $250,000 goal.

For additional information, please contact ADAA President Tom Dart at To contribute, please fill out and return the form below.

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